MORALE Consortium Meeting and Study Visit
University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain

“Capacity building for curricula modernization of Syrian and Lebanese HEIs and lifelong learning provision: towards sustainable NGOs management and operation with special focus on refugees/Morale.”

Hosted by University of Alicante in Spain

The MORALE Consortium Meeting and Study Visit at the University of Alicante, took place from 17th to 19th January 2023. The meeting was held from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and attended by representatives from partner institutions, including BAU, MUBS, LU, DU, AIU, IUST, BAUK, ARA, UOL and UA.

Naima Benaicha Ziani, professor at University of Alicante, and Dr. Sobhi Abou Chahine, grant coordinator from Beirut Arab University, welcomed all participants and introduced each member and their related institutions.

During the meeting, Dr. Sobhi presented an overview of the project, including the objectives, progress, and next plans. He discussed the achievements and challenges faced by the project and the consortium fixed the dates to visit Oldenburg in May 2023 and to hold Beirut Final Conference in July 2023.

The partners agreed to integrate the outcomes of the Alicante and Oldenburg visits into the WP2 reports, finalize the WP3 reports, and revise the LLL courses.

Dr. Daniel La Parra Casado, Professor Sociology II at University of Alicante, presented the Master programs at the Interuniversity Institute for Social Development and Peace.

Carolina Madeleine, Head of Institutional Project Office /UA, talked about fundraising for humanitarian or development projects, and Ester Maria Kalogeroudi from Four Elements discussed about fundraising and human resources/volunteer management

Lawyer Marina Galli presented a report about the refugees in Spain and Europe.

The Spanish Red Cross presented their refugee & immigration programs at the local and regional level. Three representatives spoke about their respective departments for legal assistance, employment insertion, and social inclusion. They discussed the figures and statistics related to international protection applicants and beneficiaries, the Spanish resettlement program, and workshops for refugees.

The consortium discussed the feedback received on curricular enhancement.

A meeting was held with the external quality expert, Mr David Alpera Green, He congratulates the consortium for the achievements of the project and advised the consortium to focus on sustainability measures.

A Visit was organized to Spanish Red Cross, the employees showed a film about their activities and the services offered by the Red Cross to take care of the refugees and immigrants. The visit is ended by going around different facilities in the Red Cross building.