• MORALE’s modernization will encompass issues such as innovative teaching methodology, competence based learning, innovative teaching tools Information and Communication Technology (ICT) + integration of new subjects for a multidisciplinary perspective.
  • The Lifelong learning (LLL) provision will be increased & improved for update of current NGOs professionals’ skills. This means relevant topics, better follow up and agile delivery (blended learning) to allow the attendance of NGOs professionals with no need of physical presence.
  • MORALE addresses the current Partner countries (PC’s) emergency, where local NGOs have huge responsibility in the provision of a multifaceted assistance to people in need of humanitarian help.
  • The intersection & cooperation between HEIs /NGOs/ Authorities defined in MORALE represents an innovative approach towards the contribution to:1) a solid modernisation of PC HEIs educational offer; and 2) a significant improvement of NGOs operations; and 3) endorsement of results.